Thank you for your booking and I can confirm you have successfully scheduled your custom guided ride experience.

Please read the following information and complete the riders information and consent form at the bottom of this page.



Nearer the time, a member of the Marmalade Team will be in touch to discuss the options for your mountain biking or gravel ride with us and to confirm the meet location.
However, for Ride and Dine experiences and depending on what you originally booked, you will be meeting your guide at one of these options:

However, if you have any immediate questions about your ride, then please use the details below depending on who your guide is:

Contact Details

General / Ride and Dine enquiries:
Sean Howell: 07840724611 /

Gravel experiences:
Clive Andrews: 07989560903 /
Jim Barrow: 07811277326 /

If due to extreme weather conditions or illness/injury on either side prevents this session going ahead, then it will be honoured and simply rescheduled to a future date based on availability

Are you hiring bikes?

Please send through the heights of every rider as soon as you can, to enable us to coordinate and reserve the right bike for you with our local partners – thank you.

Consent forms

Riders information and Consent Form: Please complete online at least 48 hours before your session
Our Standard Terms & Conditions: For your reference

What you will need:

  • Personal accident insurance (this is your personal choice)
  • Suitable clothing for the activity of mountain biking and for the forecasted weather conditions on the day
  • A change of clothes for the journey home or for lunch as part of your Ride and Dine experience
  • A British Standard approved cycling helmet that is in an acceptable and safe condition (if hiring, this is supplied for you)
  • Additional personal protective equipment you would personally use for cycling e.g. Gloves, glasses, knee & elbow pads (purely your personal choice)
  • Fully working and serviced mountain or gravel bike in good condition (if hiring, this is supplied for you)
  • Sufficient drinks and ride snacks
  • At least one backpack to carry snacks, drink, spare layers, sun protection and personal belongings
  • Preferably at least x1 spare inner tube for your wheel size, spare chain link* (we do not carry spare 12-speed links) and any specific tools or spares for your bike you would usually carry (if hiring, this is supplied for you)
    * The spare chain link (powerlink) is a ‘nice-to-have’ but not a necessity
  • Your leader will be carrying a comprehensive trail leaders pack

CV19 and Social Distancing: Important please read

Taking responsibility:
  • Leaders, instructors and participants must consider safety first, particularly minimising the risk of infection/transmission and the risk of injury that places further pressure on the NHS
  • Riders are participating at their own risk, Marmalade MTB will be keeping a record of attendance of this session along with rider consent
Social distancing guidelines:
  • Social distancing measures should be respected at all times during the session
  • All the participants are at higher risk of being directly exposed to respiratory droplets released by someone talking or coughing when you are within 2 metres of someone and have face-to-face contact with them. All of the participants can lower the risk of infection if you stay side-to-side rather than facing people
  • Face masks per person in case of a first aid emergency
  • Each rider to supply and carry their own mask
  • Riders should be encouraged to wear appropriate safety equipment for the activity, recognising the need to minimise risk of injury
  • Any shared equipment used during an activity should be cleaned before and after each session
  • Avoid activities that require contact directly or indirectly (i.e. high-5’s, hand shakes, the passing of a water bottle)
  • No sharing of drinks bottles should be allowed, with riders asked to bring their own labelled drinks
  • Gloves are not mandatory as the World Health Organisation (WHO) advice is that it is preferable not to wear gloves but to regularly wash your hands


Any questions at all please contact us by using my details in the first instance, see below:

Sean | 07840724611 | | Owner

Thank you very much for your support and we look forward to meeting you soon for your custom guided mountain bike or gravel experience.